The Team

Meo Baaklini

Alias: Meo, Mama, Karaoke Champ
Abilities: Shoot with stilettos, remove zits & nose hairs with precision in Photoshop, speaks English with multiple accents.
Threat Level:
Savage, don’t be fooled by the ridiculous amount of giggles that come from her.
Shoot Log: Paint runs in her blood, so don’t be surprised if she attacks your face with makeup. She almost always has a finished image in mind, but almost always changes the plan. She is currently mastering the art of directing models, so if she says “go like this….” just roll with it. Come prepared with funny stories and tons of personality.

Kina Asok
Alias: Kina, Pumpkin, Tinz, Ba, Ninja
Abilities: Moody photo punch!, photochop magic, climbing, eating, Berserk mode
Threat Level: Extremely high — Bites and throws lobsters — beware
Shoot Log: With a background in fashion and fine art, Kina is a handful to work with as she likes to play with her models like they were Barbie dolls.  This is probably due to the fact that she had none as a child and only had westerns and kung fu movies as her companions.   Because of this she demands the utmost physical control from her models.  Kina likes to place her subjects in locations not seen by most passerby and most likely closed to the public.